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MaxMSPJitter is an amazing graphical programming environment for interactive sound, graphics and video. In this course you will quickly master the basics of Max and learn the “survival skills” you need to help you achieve the technological artistic works you’ve been imagining.  You will learn to use Max for real-time sound and video processing, camera tracking, interactive animation works, sensor input and more!  Final projects will reflect your own interests, tastes and background.  In addition we will observe and discuss historical and current artworks that deepen understanding of the concepts presented.  Students will be encouraged to bring in examples that they find interesting as well.

No background with sound, video or programming is required for this course. Sound and video concepts will be made understandable. Lessons are streamlined and efficient.  One-on-one support is available 24/7.  Classes are posted twice weekly for this online course, but do not meet in real-time, allowing some flexibility for individual schedules. Academic discounts on Max are available for students enrolled in the course for credit.

Materials required:
-Max must be installed on your computer.  (You may NOT use “Max for Live” to take this course, though learning to use Max will make “Max for Live” easier to understand and use.)
-You should have a built-in camera on your computer or an external webcam for the Jitter lessons.
– There will be some optional lessons concerning sensors.  If you are interested in these lessons it is advisable to have a MIDI keyboard controller or other MIDI device that is compatible with your computer.


This online course has no specific meeting times.  It follows a syllabus using the Moodle platform with assignments and due dates.

Judy Dunaway has presented her works created with MaxMSPJitter in numerous performances and exhibitions throughout the U.S. and Europe.  She presented her work with Max at Cycling‘74‘s Expo’74 conference in April 2019.  She has a Ph.D. in music composition from Stony Brook University, where her focus was intermedia and electronic works.  She has an M.A. in with emphasis in … Read more