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College student in stop-motion animation studio interacting with two figures in a crafted outdoor scenery on a table with a camera pointed towards the scene.


Through exposure to a variety of techniques and viewpoints, gain the ability to work creatively beyond the conventions of mainstream animation.

Three people gathered around a architectural structural model made of small lengths of modeling wood.

Architectural Design

Gain knowledge of architecture and related subjects such as exhibition design, furniture design and fabrication, and sustainable design. Employ model making as an analog for the building process.


Explore personal ideas in clay through hand building, wheel throwing, mold making and more. Get lost in the endless possibilities of the glaze and kiln room. Hone your skills and fill your cupboards with original ceramic ware.

Communication Design/Graphic Design

Communication Design (including Graphic Design) touches the life of every person. It is central to how we construct and convey meaning. Gain a robust working knowledge of print design, information design, branding, and dynamic media (user experience design).

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Digital Media

Enhance your digital toolkit for applications including design and visual storytelling. Courses in digital photography and video, experience design, coding languages, web design, mixed reality, and more provide software skills and expanded possibilities for content creation! Choose individual classes or explore the Digital Media Certificate.

Pencil drawing of the interior of a building with columns leading down a hallway.


Choose from a variety of drawing topics including drawing from observation and abstract approaches. Push the boundaries of the discipline by drawing with a variety of media under the direction of accomplished artists/teachers.

Fashion Design

Push your creativity while building on time-tested principles of design and craft. Fashion courses at MassArt offer an opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of fashion design in one of the oldest and most respected fashion programs in the country.


Learn traditional fiber techniques to support experimental work across all areas of art, artisanry, and design with classes in weaving, surface design, interlacing, dyeing, clothing construction, soft sculpture and more.

Film / Video

Study film and video as fine arts, in an environment that emphasizes and supports the development of a personal vision and encourages experimentation across mediums and genres.

Furniture Design and Wood

Learn machine and hand woodworking fundamentals, push yourself as a designer and wood artist, practice new techniques and create original pieces of your own design.


Experiment with glass as a medium for individual expression, through the creation of vessels and sculptural forms.

History of Art

Learn to identify, classify, describe, and interpret works of art from a wide range of periods and world cultures.


Humanities courses are designed to provide context, insight, and fresh perspectives for students pursuing the arts. Topics include writing, literature and film criticism.


Every illustrator is a storyteller at heart. Learn about character development and narrative techniques, research and develop ideas, characters, stories, and settings to create imagery. Explore illustration on paper or digitally.

Industrial Design

MassArt's Industrial Design program teaches students to solve design problems and redesign products to improve their usability. CE classes introduce students to the fundamentals of ID and design process.

Integrated Sciences and Biological Arts (ISBA)

The Department of Integrative Sciences and Biological Arts plays a fundamental role in formal and informal science learning, science literacy, and science engagement across the college and in the community and includes the study of social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics.

Metal Sculpture

Discover the magic of MassArt's metal shop with courses in welding, foundry, bladesmithing and more.

On Campus and Hybrid Courses and Workshops

We welcome you to MassArt's campus for fully on site and hybrid classes. While not required, everyone is strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated, and to wear masks in all spaces unless otherwise noted.


Painting students are part of an intense working environment where they can pursue their own direction. Painting courses and workshops encourage diverse practice and foster independent creative thinking and making. Students are part of a unique learning environment that allows for independent thought as well as collaboration and critique.


Learn about photography as fine art with an emphasis on the history of photography and the body of criticism surrounding the medium. Develop your own personal vision and experimentation in the studio.


Printmaking courses encourage the mastery of traditional techniques as well as experimentation and innovation. Explore etching, lithography, silkscreen, relief, photographic print processes, drawing, and more.


Discover a wide range of materials, including wood, different types of metals, clay, plaster, mixed media, glass, fiber and more.

wire and colorful string woven and entangled with itself

Studio Arts

Join us at MassArt and find your creative voice. Reconnect with past efforts, prepare for advanced study, or jump into creative experimentation with a structured program to guide you. Try the Studio Arts Certificate -- it gives you the freedom to choose the classes that you are drawn to, while providing optional clusters of courses that serve as a guide.

Studio For Interrelated Media

Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) is designed for artists interested in idea-centered, interdisciplinary artistic practice. Work with experimental media, sound, light, motion, digital tools, live performance, public practice, interactive installations, event production, print and spoken word.

Teaching for Artistic Behavior

Spend a week in historic Boston with TAB educators to develop and expand understandings about choice-based pedagogy in Pre K–12 art programs.


Get a taste of the topics you have been curious about with workshops in design, business, photography, wood, metals, printmaking, drawing, painting and more.