Introduction to Folklore


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An introduction to various genres of folklore and the methods of studying them. Students learn about how folklore exists or existed as a dynamic part of everyday life -aesthetically, behaviorally, politically, socially, and more. We consider such diverse forms of expressions as Indonesian Cinderella tales, Italian American festivals, Irish supernatural legends, baseball luck beliefs, and Chinese-American funerary traditions, outlaw ballads, and Mardi Gras Indians. Students will document, classify, and analyze traditional expressive behavior as it pertains to them and to others. The role of folk tradition as it relates to ethnicity, identity, and acculturation is explored.

This online course uses the Moodle platform.

Timothy Correll holds a PhD in folklore from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has published a number of articles and books on folklore and folk art and has curated exhibitions at the Craft and Folk Art Museum and the Fowler Museum of Cultural History in Los Angeles. Dr. Correll has taught at Harvard … Read more