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This course provides a basic introduction to data visualization. Through lectures, tutorials and class discussions, participants learn fundamental concepts and design principles, dive deep into case studies, and gain hands-on skills that allow them to design dynamic data visualizations that follow best design practices. Weekly in-class demos and projects train students in creative thinking and technical skills, and provide opportunities to put theoretical learning into practice. Students build an initial portfolio of visual studies and prototypes. Coursework leverages the Observable platform and open source language and libraries, so that students can continue to explore on their own and create their next dataviz beyond this class. 

Minghua Sun (mɪŋ(h)wä| (she/her) is a full-stack designer and front-end developer who is experienced in building human-centered, data-driven digital products for the public good. She is a Design System Evangelist and Creative Technologist who works cross-functionally, leading and contributing to complex digital projects from inception to completion. Her crossover between design and development has put … Read more