Kate Mytty

Know Your Materials: Reimagining Recycling in Art Making


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings
  • Live critiques

This interdisciplinary course welcomes people from all mediums, disciplines and experience levels to join in a hands-on exploration of the materials we use to make/create and the resulting products/art. It focuses on the exploration of material life cycles through hands-on exercises and reflections/discussions on the natural material lifecycles in nature; analyzing the impact of consumerist culture (including on art) and its effect on society; designing methods for a sustainable studio practice; and group discussions/feedback based around three major projects. Each student will analyze the materials central to their work; reflect on the regenerative lessons of nature and then develop a product/art project that reflects regenerative cycles.

This class uses the Zoom platform.

Kate Martin Mytty is actively invested in reconnecting with our ecosystem and its roots through growing and sharing food, learning to harvest seeds, recycling different materials, open water swimming, public history, and deejaying and art. This intention shows up in how Kate works, whether growing or making food, repairing/remixing clothing and textiles, and making furniture. … Read more