Sculptures in a gallery space with the title Cynthia Atwood: Traveling Circus in text on the far wall. "Traveling Circus" Cynthia Atwood

Boots, Sticks, and Stones: Working with Armature in Sculpture


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings
  • Live critiques
An armature is a  framework, a skeleton for sculpture that holds its shape, which is covered, added to, and built over, in order to make a three dimensional shape.  In this class, you will learn to make sculpture using common materials: from the hardware store, your closet, the thrift store, or off the street, The class  will be led with the spirit of exploration and experimentation!
Connecting with your inner artist, you will collect sculptural elements and ideas  that attract you. With that process, suddenly a boot can become the base for a sculpture, though it may not be recognizable as a boot in your finished piece! As your work develops over the course of our class, your armatures will be combined with wire, fabric, and other materials,  to create three dimensional objects that stand, hang, or pop off the wall.

This online class uses the ZOOM platform.

Cynthia Atwood has spent the last 33 years in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. She holds B.F.A. in Painting and Printmaking from the University of Kansas and M.F.A. in Visual Arts/Sculpture from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Cynthia is an artist/teacher for the MFA programs at NHIA in Manchester, NH and Vermont College of Fine Arts, … Read more