Brett S. Poza

Brett S. Poza is a multimedia artist who for many years has used pyrography and other forms of burning to depict images on wood, paper and bone. Observations of nature as well as the manipulation of medical images are a large part of her current practice which is grounded in observation, drawing and the development of highly tactile surfaces. As a part of deliberate practice, Brett also creates mail art for storytelling and narrative disruption as well as way to entertain and connect with people who have limited access to the internet.  Brett S. Poza received an MFA in 3D from MassArt, a BFA in Textiles from Rhode Island School of Design, and an MA in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University. She is a member of Kingston Gallery in Boston and Viridian Artists in New York and has shown in various locations across the US. She is a registered art therapist who worked for many years in locked settings.