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Name Website Course(s)

Adrian Kohn

Art Since 1945, History of Experimental Film, Modernism to Postmodernism: Art since 1970

Alexandra Candelas

User Experience (UX) Design

Alice Stanne

Handmade Books

Alisa Aronson

Foundations of Graphic Design, Typography, Design 101: Intro to Graphic Design Elements and Principles

Anahit Ter-Stepanian

Art and Propaganda

Andreas Randhahn

Introduction to Adobe XD

Andy Chan

Fashion Illustration, Fashion Illustration

Annie Meyer

Carving Basics

Ben Ryterband


Camilo Cardenas

From Filmmaking to Animation: The Moving Image as a Fine Arts Medium

Carlos Alvarez

Silkscreen Printing

Carolyn Lewenberg

Public Art: Ideas to Action

Cindy (Lucinda) Smith

Queer Studies

Damon Campagna

Printmaking with Drypoint: Intaglio Printing at Home

Damon Jones

Graphic Design 2

David J. Bermingham

One Leg at a Time: A Pant Making Workshop

David Nolta

History of Art: The Western Tradition

Diane Bigda

The Exquisite Sketchbook2: Looking at Drawings and Paintings Inspired by the Natural World

Dr. Hossein Alizadeh

The Universe, Cinema Physics

Drew Ton-Morrison

Digital Tools

Elaine Mawhinney

Mythology and Literature

Erich Doubek

Advanced Interactive Projects

Gerry Hoag

Landscape Drawing: Rural, Urban and Suburban, Portrait Drawing, Figure Drawing

Gretchen Skogerson

Hard to Watch: Cinematic Violence and Horror

Irena Roman

Middle Value Watercolor Workshop

Jane Marsching

Stories in Time

Janet Loren Hill

Drawing with Color, Introduction to Latch Hook Workshop

Janna Longacre

Clay Studio

Jason Fairchild

Introduction to Design Basics with the Adobe Creative Cloud

Jeanette Luise Eberhardy

Thinking Making Writing, What Did They Say?

Jenine Shereos

Flexible Structures

Jennifer Cole

Eating and the Environment, The Natural Resource Materials of Art: Origins and Issues

Jessica Tam

Painting Studio: Sophomore, Painting Studio: Junior, Painting Studio: Senior

Joe Sheehan

The Fine Art of Furniture I

John Rego

Narrative Illustration

John Roman

Technical Illustration

Joshua Cohen

Graphic Novels, Monster Madness

Josie Gluck


Judy Dunaway

History of Sound Art, MaxMSP Beginner Intensive, MaxMsp Advanced

Karla Odenwald

Supernatural and Horror Literature, Crime and Deviance in Literature

Katia Wish

Playing Around with Different Media, Sketching The City: Urban Sketchbook Workshop

Kristen Lombardi

Handbag Design

Lisa Kennedy

Digital Illustration

Lisa T. Rosenbaum

Architectural Structures 1

Max Grinnell

Transforming Boston: Creative Placemaking and the Urban Experience

Meg Young

Digital Tools for Fashion Design

Michael Hamburger

Literary Traditions, Writers of the Black Atlantic

Michael Pak

Sources of Self and Identity

Neil Madramootoo

Drawing for Designers

Paul Bempéchat

The American Musical Theater, First Year Seminar: Why Beethoven?

Paul Hajian

Architectural Design 1

Rebecca Morrison

Advanced Projects in Lens-Based Media, Introduction to Digital Post-Production in Adobe Lightroom

Reid Drum

Metalshop 1

Richard Murphy

Advertising as Art and Ideology

Santiago Hernandez

Drawn to Paint, Abstract Drawing and Painting Workshop

Saúl Nava

Natural History and Biological Art

Sharon Haggins Dunn


Susan McNeil

Dyeing and the Art of Resist

Timothy Correll

Introduction to Folklore

Tsar Fedorsky

The Personal Landscape

Yo Ahn Han

Creative Approaches to Drawing: Wet and Dry Media