Name Website Course(s)

Adrian Kohn

Contemporary Art

Aimee Lee

The World of Korean Paper

Alan Jennings

Independent/ Small Press Comics Workshop

Alanna Robbins

Beginning Jewelry, Natural Cast Jewelry

Alex Gerasev

Narrative Illustration

Alex Melvin

Methods and Materials

Alice Stanne

Artists’ Books on the Vandercook Press, Handmade Books

Alisa Aronson

Typography, Foundations of Graphic Design, Typography 101: Essentials for Effective Graphic Design, Design 101: Intro to Graphic Design Elements and Principles

Allie Humenuk

Documentary Camera

Ami Diner

Drawing for Designers

Anahit Ter-Stepanian

Art and Propaganda

Andreas Randhahn

Adobe Illustrator: The Basics and Well Beyond, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop: A Two-Day Jump Start

Andree Leduc

Charcoal Life Drawing Workshop, Process Priority

Andy Chan

Fashion Illustration, Fashion Illustration

Annie Meyer

Spoon Carving

Ben Ryterband


Brett Gamache

Life Drawing, Life Drawing Intensive

Brett Poza

Introduction to Pyrography

Carlos Alvarez

Silkscreen Printing

Catarina Coelho

Introduction to Printmaking

Christian Restrepo

Fabric, Textiles and Beyond: Textile Development and Manipulation

Christopher Chippendale

Introduction to Painting, Along the Charles: Landscape Painting in Cambridge and Boston

Christopher Sullivan

Drawing Fundamentals

Clark Fralick

Teaching for Artistic Behavior Elementary School

Clyde Gaw

Teaching for Artistic Behavior High School

David Bligh

Pronto Plate Workshop

David Nolta

History of Art: The Western Tradition

DeAnna Marie Johnson

Character Design Workshop

Diane Bigda

Illustrating the Natural World

Elaine Mawhinney

Mythology and Literature

Elizabeth Mooney

Monotypes and Hybrid Processes Workshop

Ellen Kaspern

Introduction to Tablemaking

Eric Masunaga

Sound for the Documentary

Helen Singh-Miller

Body, Mind, Figure, Character: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Movement in the Arts

Ian Sands

Teaching for Artistic Behavior High School

Jake Fried

Introduction to Animation

James Lambert

Process Priority, Charcoal Life Drawing Workshop

Jane Marsching

Projects in Time

Janet Gilmore

Advanced Editing with Adobe Premiere, Beginning Editing with Adobe Premiere

Janet Loren Hill

Soft Sculpture: Multiples

Janna Longacre

Clay Studio

Janne Holtermann

Digital Compositing Workshop

Jason Fairchild

Introduction to Design Basics with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Print Production

Jeanette Eberhardy

Thinking Making Writing

Jenine Shereos

Introduction to Weaving, Eco-Printing: Cloth in Collaboration with Nature

Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta

I Hear America Singing

Jennifer Cole

The Natural Resource Materials of Art: Origins and Issues, Eating and the Environment

Jennifer Varekamp

Sustainable Fashion

John Roman

Technical Illustration

Jon Koppel

Foundry Processes in Sculpture

Josh Cohen

Graphic Novels

Joshua Finkel

Advanced CAD

Josie Gluck


Judy Dunaway

MaxMsp Advanced, History of Sound Art, MaxMSP Beginner Intensive

Julie Toole

Teaching for Artistic Behavior Elementary School

Karen Hampton

Surface Design on Fabric: Resist

Karla Odenwald

Existentialism in Literature, Latin American Literature

Kathryn Dietz

Producing the Documentary

Keith Cross

Artists’ Books on the Vandercook Press, Letterpress Workshop, Letterpress Workshop

Kristen Lombardi

Handbag Design

Kristen Mallia

Information Design, Graphic Design 1

Lela Hersch

Appraising Fine Arts Overview

Lin Haire-Sargeant

Children’s Literature

Lisa Houck

Japanese Woodblock Printing

Lisa Kennedy

Digital Illustration

Lisa T. Rosenbaum

Architectural Structures 1

Marguerite White

Drawn to Nature

Martha Rettig

Augmented Reality Art Installation

Max Grinnell

Transforming Boston: Creative Placemaking and the Urban Experience

Meg Young

Digital Tools for Fashion Design

Michael Hamburger

Literary Traditions

Michael Pak

Sources of Self and Identity

Michael Sheridan

Documentary Video Bootcamp

Molly Lamb

Making the Most of Your Digital Camera: The Beginning Digital Photographer

Nathan Thomas Wilson

Anatomy of Hands and Feet for Figure Drawing

Patrick Luteran

Laser Cutting Your First Shapes

Paul Belenky

Soft Sculpture: Multiples

Paul Hajian

Architectural Design 1

Paula Carabell

Modernism to Postmodernism: Art since 1970

Peter Evonuk

Copper Bowls, Silver Rings

Rebecca Morrison

Introduction to Digital Photography, Digital Post-Production in Adobe Lightroom

Reid Drum

Metalshop 1

Richard Murphy

Advertising Art and Ideology

Roni Rohr

Teaching for Artistic Behavior Middle School

Sabrina Zanella-Foresi

Editing the Documentary

Sandra Tropper, ASA

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

Santiago Hernandez

Abstract Drawing and Painting Workshop, Drawn to Paint

Saul Baizman

WordPress for Beginners, Introduction to WordPress Themes

Saúl Nava

Field Biology and Art

Sharon Dunn

Painting Studio: Sophomore, Painting Studio: Junior, Painting Studio: Senior

Sofie Elana Hodara

Augmented Reality Art Installation

Susan McNeil

Dyeing and the Art of Resist

Ted Southwick

Projects in Wood, Relief Woodcarving

Tim Correll

Traditional Cloth and Clothing: Art, Ritual, Heritage and Protest, Introduction to Folklore

Tony Rinaldo

Photographic Lighting Workshop

Trintje Jansen

Drawing Workshop: Starting and Re-Starting

Yo Ahn Han

Creative Approaches to Drawing and Water-Based Painting