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Non-Fiction and Memoir


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings
  • Live critiques

Memoir has dominated adult graphic novel publishing, in part because memory is often viscerally linked with imagery. Similarly, visual and comics journalism allows authors to tell non-fiction stories about politics, war, and trauma in ways that meld non-linear experiences with factual accounts. Students will explore interview, landscape, and visual translation in order to honor memory, experience, and factual accounts of the real world. Borrowing from the strategies of ethnography, documentary filmmaking, and photojournalism–and traversing genres from comics memoirs to comics journalism–courses in non-fiction comics will examine how to “interpret the truth” ethically and honestly.

This online class uses the Zoom platform.

Excited about comics? This class is part of the Visual Storytelling and Comics Certificate Program.

Heide Solbrig is a cartoonist and media scholar (MFA, Ph.D.) who teaches, writes, and draws memoir and journalistic comics. Her comics about growing up in the divorce generation of the 1970s have been written about in Filmmaker Magazine as well as appearing in literary journals, anthologies, and her own publications. Founder of the Boston ComicsWorkspace run out … Read more