Love in Poetry


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This course studies the feeling of love in poems from different linguistic and historical traditions. It begins with intense, jealous, unrequited love in Sappho’s poetry from archaic Lesbos. These distant fragments poetize homoerotic desire, heartbreak, and infinite tenderness. It ends with a selection of love poems from Harlem Shadows (1922) by Claude McKay. Some of these poems deal with the impossibility of love, some with pure possibility. Some tell of pleasure, some of pain. Some seem concerned with the ephemeral, some with the eternal. Other poets include Petrarch, Charlotte Smith, and Baudelaire. This course introduces students to an array of poems dedicated to love. It facilitates reading, reflection, and writing in a multi-modal learning environment.

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Divya Menon is a scholar of global literature, literary theory, and aesthetic philosophy. She received her doctorate in Comparative Literature from Stony Brook University in December of 2019. Her current book project studies nineteenth-century aesthetic melancholy. She is a Visiting Lecturer at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.