Linework monoprint with blue grid perspective work with some colored sqares David Bligh

Experimental Monoprint


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Rich and expressive, monotype joins the graphic qualities of printmaking with the spontaneity of painting. This hands-on workshop teaches the basics of chine colle, pronto plate, collagraph, as well as other processes, and explores the sequential possibilities of monotype to develop images conceptually and formally. Image-making methods, ink handling, print tools, paper handling, single- and multipass printing, hand coloring, and the development of “ghost” imagery, are covered. Individual and group critiques as needed. All levels welcome.

**Please note that the studio can only be accessed during class time.

We urge you, if you are able, to be fully up-to-date on vaccinations, including boosters. Available vaccination sites can be found here.

This class is fully enrolled.

David Bligh is an artist and printmaker whose work has been in numerous exhibitions, including The Future, Scuola Internationale di Grafica, Venice, Italy; Crossover and Composites: Hybrid Forms, Techniques & Media, UNC; The Color of Thin Air, Sculpture Fix Gallery; Two by Two: small scale ceramic sculpture biennial at Eastern Washington State; and The Feelers, … Read more