Embroidery: The Mark of the Needle


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This class teaches a variety of embroidery, needle arts, and stitching techniques and how to apply them to contemporary art making. This involves going past the technique and exploring the conceptual layer of working with textiles and stitching while looking at the heritage and meaning of embroidery’s history and how contemporary artists are reclaiming and evolving it. Diverse skills are introduced and studied, including basic-to-advanced hand embroidery techniques and its tools, applique (both raw and finished), working in 3 dimensions with textiles and a range of transfer techniques. The class also looks at the history of embroidery, how to diversify stitches and marks made by thread, how to work with text and photographs, creating value in textile drawings, and color choices and conceptual development. Skills are introduced in small-scale projects that are then applied to larger personal projects or a series. The class allows for the exploration of needle work in various ways — as a form of art in itself, a new technique for mixed media practices, or as a skill set that can be applied to decorative work on wearables and household textiles.

Open to all skill levels.

We urge you, if you are able, to be fully up-to-date on vaccinations, including boosters. Available vaccination sites can be found here.

Joetta Maue is an artist, curator, and arts writer. Her most recent body of work is a series of embroideries, drawings, and photographs that explore the psychological landscape of the domestic space. Joetta’s work has been shown in galleries and museums across the country and internationally. Joetta authored the popular studio blog Little Yellowbird and … Read more