Alex Rheault

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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings
  • Live critiques

Electrify your studio practice! Bring to life hidden longings, revive ways of working, or join parallel interdisciplinary worlds. Enliven new awarenesses, confidence, and enthusiasm. Refresh purpose and meaning, while cultivating and accessing community and resources.

Prompts, projects, research, and a varied group provide new perspectives. Current artists act as case-studies to identify and address a myriad of practical activities such as bio, artist statement, visibility, online presence, documenting work, traditional and alternative supports.

Topics emerge from participants who will influence content, so dialogue will be tailored and current. Weekly prompts, discussion, and exercises will encourage digging into process, influences, materials, visibility, collaborative projects, working in your community, evaluating work, and ways to challenge oneself with compassion. Participants are encouraged to use available materials in studio for discussion and session activities. Participants will be able to access the instructor for outside support and resources.

This online class uses the ZOOM platform.

Alex Rheault lives in coastal Maine. Rheault combines drawing, writing, book arts, and objects in intuitive ways to explore memento mori, found objects, odd pairings, the domestic, things with wheels, incongruities, contradictions, and nonsense. Rheault teaches 2D, collage, and Forensics of Fashion at the University of New England. She is collaborating on a visual written … Read more