Katia Wish

Drawing Comics About Everyday Life


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Tower 555

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Saturday and Sunday



Do you pay attention to humor, richness and complexity of everyday life? Do funny phrases you or other people say catch your attention? Do you have challenging experiences that you would like to record? Do you find ordinary interactions fascinating? In this workshop, let’s transform your everyday experiences into comics. Let’s take your observations and then modify, exaggerate and enhance them to better fit the art form of comics. Let’s take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. And whether those comics are funny or thought-provoking or both is up to you!

This class meets in person on campus.

Katia Wish is a professional illustrator.Her work and  sensibilities are influenced by her experiences in both Belarus, where she grew up and the United States, where she has lived as an adult.Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout New England and she is the winner of the 2011 Tomie DePaola Award from the Society of Children’s … Read more