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The World of Korean Paper


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Collins 310

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



In this workshop, students will learn to make hanji, Korean paper, from paper mulberry bark, as well as methods of manipulating paper. By working together, students will complete various steps to prepare raw materials for sheet formation. Cooked bark will also be transformed into bark lace, while hanji of varied colors and types will be fused (joomchi), corded and twined (jiseung), and spun into thread. Alongside unique hanji folklore, Aimee will share hybrid methods of using this strong and malleable substrate from creative work at the vat to natural colors and finishes.

Open to all levels, this course is ideal for students interested in East Asian paper traditions, paper’s role in material culture, and the experience of manual labor and patience to sustain an ancient yet timely craft.

This class has ended.

Aimee Lee is an artist, papermaker, writer, and the leading hanji researcher and practitioner in North America (BA, Oberlin College; MFA, Columbia College Chicago). Her Fulbright research on Korean paper led to her award-winning book, Hanji Unfurled, and the first US hanji studio in Cleveland. Her artwork resides in collections that include the Brooklyn Museum … Read more