Fall 2020 continuing education classes are being taught remotely. Studio classes have live remote meetings. Basic requirements to take a class are an internet connection, computer, and an internet linked camera (like a cell phone). Most classes will be hosted through Zoom or MassArt Moonami. For specific course requirements, contact the CE office at ce@massart.edu or your instructor. Fall classes are still being added--check again soon.

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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings

Learn to research, develop, plan and produce non-fiction stories in any time-based medium whether it be video, sound, image or some combination.  Use the recording tools at hand, whether they be phones or more professional equipment, to develop your identity as a storyteller, to learn the principles of good storytelling, and to learn the process of production planning, scripting, structuring and constructing a finished story.

Michael Sheridan is a filmmaker and educator. For 15 years Michael has taught filmmaking at the community and university level. In 1996 he co-founded Oxfam America’s documentary production unit, and later served as a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia. In 2010, Michael founded Community Supported Film to provide intensive training in documentary filmmaking to storytellers … Read more