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Through the study of some of the representative works from World Literature we will take a panoramic look at the development of Civilization from its earliest beginnings. Through creation myths, stories of epic battles, and stories of love, we will learn more about who we are as part of the race of man – our conceptions about our place in the world, our relationship with a higher power, our ideas about justice, our hopes and fears, our struggles, failures and triumphs. We will travel through different time periods and see the world through the eyes of men and women who lived in other times, but whose concerns – large and small, are still relevant to our own.

Michael Hamburger is an Assistant Professor in Liberal Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where he teaches courses in literature and film studies. He received his BA in Literature and Film Studies from the University of California, San Diego and holds a PhD in English from Boston University. He has also taught … Read more