Fall 2020 continuing education classes are being taught remotely. Studio classes have live remote meetings. Basic requirements to take a class are an internet connection, computer, and an internet linked camera (like a cell phone). Most classes will be hosted through Zoom or MassArt Moonami. For specific course requirements, contact the CE office at ce@massart.edu or your instructor. Fall classes are still being added--check again soon.

Catriona Baker

Introduction to Animation


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings

An introduction to the fundamental principles of expression through movement in time, sequential composition, editing, and integration of image sequences and sound. A series of short projects will apply basic animation principles. Presentations and projects involve simple phenomena of cycles, transformations, transitions, sequential structure and the expression of emotional and kinetic states. The use of digital still and video cameras is introduced, as well as sound integration, editing and story structure using current digital software combined with traditional techniques.

This fall, Introduction to Animation is taught remotely and consist of demos, studio work, projects and critiques. Google Drive will be used for all document sharing and turning in assignments. Zoom will be used for class time, critiques and demos. Students will also schedule one-on-one meetings with Zoom.

For this class, students may set up remote/temporary stop motion stations using Stop Motion Studio and a smartphone for stop motion work.

Students will need to purchase a Wacom tablet (or similar drawing tablet for 2D digital animation (approx. $70), and
Stop Motion app for smartphones.

Students must download the Adobe Creative Cloud which should be free to download beginning September.  We will use Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Animate (Flash).

This class is now in progress. Registration is no longer available. Winter and Spring registration will be available soon. Please contact ce@massart.edu.

Alan Jennings is an animator whose work has been shown worldwide, from LA to Ottawa, Montreal, England, Lithuania, Armenia, Beijing and New Zealand. His work was included in 18 curated Animation Festivals in 2018 alone, and 35 more in the preceding 3 years. He holds an MFA in Animation from the California Institute of the … Read more