Long exposure image of hand holding a ball with light flickering on the hand and object Sharon Dunn

Holding Light: Color, Light, Space, and Time – Mixed Media Analog and Digital


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings
  • Live critiques

Color & Light, Space and Time
Mediations & Meditations
Mixed Media Analog & Digital Online Portfolio Projects  

In this course, Individual expressive and original thematic projects are encouraged.  Students may explore realistic depictive renderings or intuitive abstract imagery or personal, surreal concepts and/or fictitious futuristic themes. Individual subject matter is open; style, materials, mixed media experiments and multiple  formats may be  explored.

Students may collage, paint, create dream drawings, and/or digital documentation, photo-graphic composites and experiment with sound installations and assemblage. Coursework  examines formal visual language; color  and  compositional theory. We  explore concepts related to  photographic ‘ extruded light, extruded time ‘ and multiple compositional spatial systems while Investigating  tactile plasticity, subjective vantage points, poetic focus and personal narrative.

This class welcomes all levels from beginning to more advanced students.


This online course uses the ZOOM platform.

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Sharon Haggins Dunn is a Mixed Media Artist/Educator and Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She received a Masters of Science Degree, Department of Architecture-Environmental Art and Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA and a BFA in Painting from Boston University. Sharon Dunn creates site-specific  interdisciplinary environments, exploring photography, drawing, painting, digital … Read more