Handmade Books


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DMC 209

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Saturday and Sunday



In this workshop students learn to build handmade books from pages to cover, experimenting with a variety of book structures. No experience is required; we will start off with simpler structures and work up to ones that are more complex. Students will learn about books based on the fold, starting with the accordion and advancing into more evolved structures like the concertina spine, which can be used for a variety of complex structures, as well as basic pop ups. Students will also learn make more traditional books with a flat case and long stitch binding, allowing for multiple signatures which can be used to create sketchbooks and journals. Additionally students will learn how to make their own book cloth, paste paper, and slipcases to enhance their books. Some tools required, materials provided.

Note: Room location has been changed.  Class will meet in DMC 209 (Design and Media Center)

Handmade Books is also being offered on another date and time. View Handmade Books (NC934-01) for details.

This class has ended.

Alice Stanne is a handmade book artist and illustrator. She combines watercolor illustrations with various book-binding techniques to create one of a kind artist books, rich with detail and pattern. Alice earned a BFA with Honors in Illustration at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She now teaches book-making and illustration classes at MassArt in … Read more