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Stephanie Stigliano

From Two to Three Dimensions: Making Artists Books from Linoleum Prints


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings
  • Live critiques

In this course, we will make relief prints by carving, inking, and printing from linoleum blocks and use them in making artist books. We can create patterns, series, and a metamorphosis. The students can explore color relationships or play with opacity and transparency. They can cut, collage, and build moveable structures from their prints. We will build two books: an accordion fold book filled with reduction prints, and a pamphlet dos-à-dos book with pop-up spirals and a stitched binding. The students will have a chance to carve several blocks to print separately or together in the three-dimensional forms. Each class will begin with a brief introduction to techniques and viewing of relevant artwork. An unexpected benefit of the online format is the ability to view demonstrations in extreme close-ups and repeat short video clips as often as necessary. We will enjoy the camaraderie of a traditional studio experience as we explore new processes. Students will upload digital images of their in-progress and finished work to Padlet for general discussion. All the materials are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and can be used safely at home. There is no need to pack up and carry your supplies. You won’t get stuck in traffic, or have to look for parking—save time and work in the comfort of your own home! This course is for beginners and experienced artists.

No class April 18, Patriots Day.


Linocut Supplies: Please contact me if you want to discuss supplies or

Item numbers are from Blick
Pencil and eraser
Card stock 25 sheets
Corrugated Cardboard or Mat board scraps for covers
Yasutomo Japanese Sketch Paper Pads 9” × 12’’ 12236-1023 48 sheets mulberry paper $13.92 (Item number is from Blick)

Photocopy paper or newsprint for sketching and proofing

For mounting prints on card stock and making books:

Sobo glue ( 23820-1004 a quick drying flexible polymer) 4 oz or 8 oz.


Nori paste 24000-1002 (good for pasting Chine-collé)
1” chip brush
1/2” flat glue brush

Wax paper


Speedball acrylic block printing ink, any color(s) or a set (40303-1009)

Speedball retarder 40303-0014 or a similar product, to keep the ink from drying too fast

Akua Intaglio ink (40314-1009) (no retarder necessary) any color, the starter set would be good

Flat surface for rolling ink: bench hook, plastic sheet, glass slab, cookie sheet

A palette knife or putty knife is helpful, but a plastic knife will do for mixing and dispensing the ink
Brayer 4” soft roller (40104-1004)

Battleship Gray unmounted linoleum (3 pieces, but at Blick they come in a set) 4” x 6” 40404-1071 or 5” x 7” 40404-1010
Linoleum cutting tools-Speedball set (40203-1009)
Non-skid pad (Dollar store item)

Olfa yellow mat knife with tightening wheel and snap-off blades (57426-0000)

Bone folder, any size (12964-0001)
Wax paper
Cutting mat, any size


Embroidery thread (or any other thread) and a tapestry needle (Available at Michaels or Joanne’s; large hole, blunt point) or any other needle

Dishsoap or spray cleaner (I mix 1/2 Dawn liquid dish soap with 1/2 vinegar)





This class has ended. Please see the Fall Catalog

Stephanie Mahan Stigliano -the prints and artist’s books of Stephanie Stigliano are included in the collections of the Fogg Museum and the Houghton Library of Harvard University, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum for Women in the Arts, and The Book Art Museum of Łodz, Poland. She has taught Printmaking and Books as Art at Walnut … Read more