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Fallen Monuments and Painted Streets: Art in Public Spaces


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What is the role of art in public spaces? From monuments memorializing historic figures, to street murals and interventions designed to disrupt and spark dialog, public art is an evolving concept made in response to the conditions of its time. In this studio, we will examine the history of public art, including the recent toppling of confederate monuments, and the proliferation of work made in the wake of this summer’s protests over police brutality and racial injustice. Areas of investigation include monuments, counter monuments, markers, poster campaigns, murals, and time-based interventions. At the core of the studio is artistic production, and students will be guided through the process of developing, proposing, and installing work for and in public spaces. Lectures, visiting artist presentations, field trips, and readings supplement studio practice.

“Fallen Monuments” is a graduate level course and requires instructor permission. Please contact us at

Wendy Jacob is an artist whose work explores the interface between the body and the physical world. Her works include sculptures, installations and performances; walls and ceilings that breathe, chairs that embrace, and floors that resonate with sub-audible sound. She has worked with engineers, architects, athletes and a community brass band, and is one of … Read more