As of Monday, March 23, all classes will be taught remotely through the end of the semester. Read the full update. Summer 2020 online classes are now available for registration. We will be adding more regularly, so keep checking for updates. It is our hope to have the entire Summer 2020 class schedule available for registration in early to mid April.

Digital Storytelling


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Tower 306

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Storytelling is at the heart of communication. Whether it’s for business, politics, or in our personal lives, the stories we tell and how we tell them is critical. This course explores storytelling through digital media: what makes a good story, how we use digital elements to create and communicate the story and how we put it all together. Final projects are presented in, but not limited,to, a film or video, audio, interactive work, game, speech or keynote presentation.


This class has ended.

Richard Huang is skilled in all areas of filmmaking and video including sound, directing, musical aesthetics and media technology and photography. He currently works as a director at Visual Player Pictures Production Ltd and is a freelance sound designer and music composer. He also has experience as a freelance graphic designer and filmmaker.  He received … Read more