Except for a very few classes, Continuing Education classes are being taught remotely. Studio classes have live remote meetings. Basic requirements to take a class are an internet connection, computer, and an internet linked camera (like a cell phone). Most classes will be hosted through Zoom or MassArt Moonami. For specific course requirements, contact the CE office at ce@massart.edu or your instructor. New classes are being added, keep checking!

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Tower 310 for on campus meetings

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Comics explores wide ranging subject matter and experimentation. Dive into this accessible medium by exploring different models of content, including: autobiography, adaptation, pantomime and more. Learn how to make comics from a single image to four panels, eight page minis and more. This course will provide students with the technical skills to produce and distribute their own independent comics. All levels welcome, from those just starting out to proficient practitioners of comics and animation. All levels are welcome.

Required Materials

Spiral bound sketchbook. Heavy paper is an ideal surface for multiple media.
Pad of Strathmore Bristol board – 100lb. Vellum Surface, 11″ x 14″

This class is a hybrid class with classes held both Remotely and In-Person.  The exact schedule of zoom and on campus class meetings will be available before the start of the semester. The first on campus class meeting will be on September 14.  Also, note the start date of this class has changed from Sept 7 to Sept 14.

Also note:

For classes held on campus, students are required to submit proof of COVID vaccination prior to the start of their class. You will be able to do this after you are registered for your class. Visit the MassArt website: MassArt.edu for all COVID information and updates.  You should also be getting more information soon from the PCE office.

Students are required to follow current COVID protocols such as social distancing and masking that are in effect at the time of their class on campus.  Registered students should activate their Net IDs (campus email). Contact helpdesk@massart.edu to activate your MassArt email and for other technology related questions.



Alan Jennings is an animator whose work has been shown worldwide, from LA to Ottawa, Montreal, England, Lithuania, Armenia, Beijing and New Zealand. His work was included in 18 curated Animation Festivals in 2018 alone, and 35 more in the preceding 3 years. He holds an MFA in Animation from the California Institute of the … Read more