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Climate change impacts us all. The media bombards us daily with the effects, policy, and financial aspects of this phenomenon. Few students and lay persons however, understand completely the basic science of climate change. In this course, you will learn about the difference between climate change, the greenhouse effect, and global warming; the basic science of how our atmosphere formed, how it has changed through time, and how humans are impacting both weather and climate. Through a reading and critical-though based class, we will learn about and discuss (orally and in writing) the impacts of climate change on agriculture, weather, economics, and poorer nations. We will discuss how science needs to more clearly inform policy at national and global levels, grapple with the social justice element of weather-related phenomena in poorer nations, and will dispel common myths surrounding global warming. We will discuss techno-fixes designed to engineer the atmosphere to be cooler. Students will complete a research paper based on our readings and discussions that shows clearly what we can and should do about climate change. The class is solution-oriented (no doomsday thinking allowed), and we will conclude with discussing a mix of returning to a more harmonious way of obtaining our food and energy as well as the role technology plays (ex: GMO foods, green building, and renewable energy technologies) in our future. We will go on two field trips during class time, complete a series of laboratory/in-class exercises as small groups, and will attend lectures off campus.

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Jennifer Cole is concurrently faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College and the Harvard Graduate School of Sustainability. Dr. Cole was Director of the Environmental Studies Program at Northeastern for fifteen years, and has also taught at Tufts and MIT. Dr. Cole has published extensively in the fields of wetlands, … Read more