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Appraising Fine Arts Overview


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Tower 1101

End Date


Meeting Day

Saturday and Sunday



Appraising Fine Arts Overview explores how professional personal property appraisers approach their work when forming an opinion of an object’s value.

Appraising a work of art demands a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in a fascinating combination of areas – attributions, history of ownership, forgery detection, tax law, and market influences to name a few . Topics will include documenting works of art, understanding the characteristics that drive value, and explaining the methodologies that an appraiser uses in diverse contexts. Participants will gain valuable practical and theoretical knowledge in a number of areas – such as the tools that appraisers employ when inspecting and identifying fine art objects, how condition can be viewed in diverse situations, and to what extent museums, collectors, galleries and auction houses have a role in influencing the art market and how that affects value. The course will provide best-practice guidelines for pursuing and expanding research avenues. Finally, the class will provide vivid, real-world examples and in-depth observations from a seasoned Fine Arts and Fine Arts Photography specialist.


Course attendees may:

  1. Take the class without an exam and still receive 17 credit hours
  2. Take the class and the Fine Arts course exam and receive 18 credit hours
  3. Take the Fine Arts specialty exam for ASA advancement and accreditation – attendees who select this option must have passed all four Personal Property POV courses (or submitted an approved equivalency) and currently be in the process of applying for their Fine Arts accreditation
  4. Take both the Fine Arts course exam and the Fine Arts specialty exam

Instructional Method

The two-day class will be presented in a lecture and discussion format, using a PowerPoint presentation and video clips. Attendees will also participate in several hands-on exercises.

Course Audience

Appraising Fine Arts Overview is intended for anyone is who interested how works of art are examined, researched, and evaluated by appraisers. The course would be helpful to beginning appraisers, those contemplating a career in appraising, and collection managers, registrars, curators, collectors, risk managers, art world professionals, and the community-at-large who are interested in the fine arts, or who may find themselves using appraisers in their work environment.

Class meets 8:30am-4:30pm on June 1 and 8:30-5:30pm on June 2nd with an optional one hour exam. There is a one hour lunch break on both days.

This class has ended.

Lela Hersh, ASA, is President of Museum of Fine Arts Consulting, LLC, and an accredited senior appraiser with a specialty in Fine Arts and Fine Arts Photography. Ms Hersh has been involved in the arts for over 35 years and worked as a curator, art advisor, collection manager, and museum consultant. She is a Senior Lecturer at the … Read more