Animation Toolbox: Stop Motion and Digital Animation


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings
  • Live critiques

In Animation Toolbox, we will explore the interweaving of stop-motion and digital animation, live-action video and experimental storytelling. Sampling from the palette of animation tools available to us across the Adobe suite, as well as video, A.I. generation/ extrapolation tools, and the tricks and illusions of motion that came before animation was committed to film, we can build complex, multi-layered, time-based imagery and artwork. The course’s first half establishes an understanding of animation and video tools in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and stop motion software, while the second half will be bent toward the development and technical problem-solving on an independent project, as well as tutorials of more niche software, techniques and workflows.

Students should have the Creative Cloud (free to download after course registration) and related programs installed on a computer (rather than a tablet or Chromebook). Having Stop Motion Studio (a free program) installed on a phone or tablet is also required for the course. A phone tripod or articulated phone holder and/or a more advanced camera are not required but can be useful in the course.

This online class uses the ZOOM platform.

This class not available.

John Quirk is an artist and educator exploring absurdity, uncertainty and humor through frames of animation, film, and interactive art and media. John has embraced practical and theoretical education and collaboration, teaching within MassArt, Harvard University and Lesley University, while building a portfolio of freelance and personal projects. John has recently returned to Boston, having … Read more