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Advertising as Art and Ideology


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This online course features the following types of interaction:

  • Live meetings

How might advertising be Art? How is art ideology?
This online seminar course will share journal assignments and respond to each other during one class time and meet as a class for discussion via video conference once each week through “Google Meet.” Students will use critical thinking strategies to study advertising and public relations as the organizers and drivers of our culture, as its ideology. Students will interrogate words and images in modern advertisements that have provided our world with a new "grand narrative," replacing religion and fine art as the “glue” that holds our culture together. Students will compare advertisements with works of fine art (including poetry), considering the ways in which advertisement employs the methods and conventions of traditional art practices to influence consumers on a psychological, biological, sensory,  and cognitive levels.

Students will examine advertisements’ subtle influencing of our thoughts and values. Finally, students will consider how the electronic age of IT and AI further complicate our relationship with advertisements where “addicted” users are bought and sold and where users’ behaviors are shaped for prediction futures profit. In an effort to create space to foster truly creative minds in a future, students will consider social justice issues including privacy in an era where “all conduct is economic conduct” (Wendy Brown, University of California, Berkeley) and “[o]nce I was mine; now I am theirs.” (Shoshana Zuboff, Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita, Harvard Business School).


Rich Murphy is guest lecturer at MassArt. He has taught writing and literature for 34 years. His 11th book
Prophet Voice Now (essays) was published by Common Ground Research Network.

Richard Murphy is a poet and educator who has taught writing and literature for over 30 years. His critical essays have appeared in The International Journal of the Humanities; Journal of Ecocriticism; Reconfigurations: A Journal for Poetics Poetry / Literature and Culture; and New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative … Read more