As of Monday, March 23, all classes will be taught remotely through the end of the semester. Read the full update. Summer 2020 online classes are now available for registration. We will be adding more regularly, so keep checking for updates. It is our hope to have the entire Summer 2020 class schedule available for registration in early to mid April.

Name Website Course(s)

Adrian Kohn

Contemporary Art

Alan Jennings

Introduction to Animation

Alice Stanne

Handmade Books, Box Making for Book Artists

Alisa Aronson

Design 101: Intro to Graphic Design Elements and Principles, Foundations of Graphic Design, Typography, Typography 101: Essentials for Effective Graphic Design

Ami Diner

Drawing for Designers

Andreas Randhahn

Adobe Illustrator: The Basics and Well Beyond, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Andree Leduc

Portraits: Painting

Andy Chan


Barbara Ward

History and Development of Modern Furniture

Ben Ryterband


Brett Gamache

Life Drawing

Brett S. Poza

Pyrography: The Fine Art of Woodburning

Candace Brooks

Industrial Design Principles

Carlos Alvarez

Silkscreen Printing

Catarina Coelho

Introduction to Printmaking

Catherine Kehoe

The Head Examined, The Head Examined

Chiranit Prateepasen

User Experience (UX) Design

Christopher Sullivan

Drawing Fundamentals

Damon Jones

Graphic Design 2

David Bligh

Pronto Plate Workshop

David Nolta

Introduction to Western Art

DeAnna Marie Johnson

Character Design

Dennis Svoronos

Gears and Gadgets

Diane Bigda

Illustrating the Natural World

Evan Hutker

Introduction to Industrial Design

Frank Criscione

From Concept to Object

Gregory Cook

Product Rendering

Janet Gilmore

Beginning Editing with Adobe Premiere

Janet Monafo

Drawing: Study and Practice

Janna Longacre

Clay Studio

Janne Holtermann

Digital Compositing Workshop

Jason Fairchild

Introduction to Design Basics with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Print Production

Jennifer Varekamp

Introduction to Pattern Drafting

Joe Krikava

Advertising Design

Joetta Maue

Embroidery: The Mark of the Needle

John DiStefano

Millinery Design

Joshua Finkel

Intro to CAD: Solid Modeling

Kathleen Grevers

Mindful Collective Sustainability Making

Keith Cross

Letterpress Workshop, Letterpress Workshop, Letterpress Printing

Kelly Conroy

Beginning Jewelry

Kristen Mallia

Graphic Design 1

Lisa Houck

Japanese Woodblock Printing, White Line Woodcut Printing

Marjee Levine

Foundry Processes in Sculpture

Meg Young

Digital Tools for Textile Design

Michael Cobb

Advanced Interactive Projects

Michael Hintlian

Street Photography: A Praxis

Michael Sheridan

Fundamentals of Film Production

Molly Lamb

Making the Most of Your Digital Camera: The Beginning Digital Photographer

Nancy McCarthy

Color Studio, Painting: Personal and Powerful

Nathalie Miebach

Sculptural Weaving

Nathan Thomas Wilson

Anatomy of Hands and Feet for Figure Drawing

Peter Evonuk

Copper Bowls, Lapidary Workshop, Silver Rings

Peter Thibeault

The Fine Art of Furniture I, The Fine Art of Furniture II, The Fine Art of Furniture II

Rebecca Morrison

Introduction to Digital Photography

Reid Drum

Metalshop 1

Renee Harding

Introduction to Pattern Drafting

Richard Huang

Digital Storytelling

Sara Eisenman

Intermediate Typography

Sara Hartmann

Introduction to Costume Design, Creative Economy Workshops

Saul Baizman

Saul Baizman, Saul Baizman

Sharon Dunn

Introduction to Painting

Stacey Gallaway

Stacy Friedman

Viscosity Monotype Workshop

Stephanie Mahan Stigliano

Paper Engineering: Pop-Ups and Movable Parts

Stephen Tourlentes

The Photographer’s Project

Tony Rinaldo

Tony Rinaldo

Yo Ahn Han

Creative Approaches to Drawing: Wet and Dry Media